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What is a Foodstate Nutritional Supplement?



The soils in which our modern-day foods are grown have been depleted of essential minerals. And the nutrient integrity of food has been eroded through modern processing, transportation and the preoccupation of food producers with appearance and shelf life. The countless brands of vitamins and minerals available today use isolated chemicals as the ingredients in nutritional supplements they produce and market.


In Foodstate nutritional supplements the ingredients are in a form closer to natural food. The nutrients are therefore recognised by the body, absorbed and utilised just like real food . The technology for developing foodstate nutritional supplements is based on the work of Hungarian Scientist Andrew Szalay, who developed proprietry processes to concentrate miscronutrients into food complexes. The technology is supported by recent research, including work by Nobel Prize winner, Dr Gunter Blobel.

The foodstate nutritional supplements are up to 12 times more bioavailable and retained up to 16 times longer by the body. Their bioavailability is so efficient that they need be taken only in conservative amounts. Foodstate nutritional supplements are way ahead of any other nutritional supplement range on the market today.

You can explore this website to find out more about this breakthrough vitamin supplementation manufacturing technology.

Watch the following three videos in the order listed below, they will provide a realistic sense of the nutritional requirements for a healthy body and the current state of the nutritional supplementation industry.



Video 1


The importance of sufficient nutrition









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Video 2


A present day snapshot of the nutritional supplement industry in the world




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Foodstate Nutrition